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    The purpose of this survey is to aid in the development of a University –wide faculty mentoring program. Our goal is to assist those faculty who do not have access to a mentoring program through either their department or college, and to continue to provide assistance for those approaching either the mid-tenure review or approaching promotion and tenure. Our long term goal is to aid in the success and retention of both non-tenure track and tenure track faculty.

    This survey encompasses a series of questions related to what type of mentoring program would be most beneficial to you (e.g., formal or informal) and what areas would you like mentoring in (e.g. research, teaching technology, university logistics[survival skills]). We are also asking for some demographic information to try and determine which group(s) are most in need of a mentoring program.

    This is a short survey and should only take about 5-10 minutes to complete. We would greatly appreciate your assistance as we try to develop a program that is faculty driven to meet the needs of faculty and ultimately help them to be successful in their careers.

    Thank you,

    Mentoring Subcommittee of the Faculty Development and Leadership Committee

    Kim James, Elizabeth Droke, Shouhong Zhang and Kevin Sackreiter

    1. Do you currently have access to a mentoring program? If so, at what level?
      1. Department
      2. College
      3. University
      4. Not aware of any mentoring programs


    1. Would you be interested in participating in a mentoring program if available?
      1. Yes
      2. No


    1. What areas of mentoring would you be most interested in? Please rank the following choices: 0=no interest, 1=slight interest, 2=moderate interest, 3=strong interest
      1. University Logistics – survival skills
      2. Teaching pedagogy
      3. Teaching technology
      4. Teaching – large lecture specific
      5. Advising
      6. Scholarship
      7. Preparing for Tenure
      8. Grant Writing
      9. Grant Logistics
      10. Writing for Publications
      11. Student Research
    2. Please rank the following preferences for a mentor:                                                                       0=would prefer NOT to , 1=no  preference, 2=moderate preference, 3=strong preference
      1. Someone within your Department
      2. Someone within your College
      3. Someone outside your current working faculty group with expertise in your area of mentoring interest.
    3. What type of mentoring relationship would be most beneficial to you?
      1. Formal – matched with an individual based on interests and needs.
      2. Informal – provided with a list of potential mentors based on specialty areas for your individual selection.
    4. Would you prefer a mentor of:
      1. The same sex
      2. Opposite sex
      3. No preference
    5. How long have you been at SDSU?
      1. <1yr
      2. 1-2 yrs
      3. 2-3 yrs
      4. 3-4 yrs
      5. 4-5 yrs
      6. 5+ yrs
    6. What is the nature of you position?
      1. Non-tenure track
      2. Tenure track
      3. Tenured
    7. What is your physical SDSU location?
      1. Brookings
      2. Other Campus
      3. Online Only


    1. What College are you in?
      1. Arts and Sciences
      2. Engineering
      3. Ag. Bio
      4. EHS
      5. Pharmacy
      6. Nursing
      7. University College
      8. Honors College
    2. Are you
      1. Male
      2. Female



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