Software Resources



    ANSYS​                Computer Based Engineering Simulation Software
    COMSOL​               COMSOL Multiphysics Simulation Environment


    BLAST​                Basic Local Alignment Search Tool
    CLC Workbench​        CLC Genomics Workbench
    MERLIN​               Pedigree Analysis Package


    MATLAB​               Mathematical Computing Software for Engineers and Scientists
    PETSc​                Matrix Manipulation Functions for Partial Differential Equations
    R                    Open Source Statistical Analysis Program
    SAS                  Analytics Software
    SPSS​                 Predictive Analytics Software


    Gaussian​             Gaussian 09  for Electronic Structure Modeling
    NAMD​                 Molecular Dynamics (MD) Program 
    NWCHEM​               High-Performance Computational Chemistry
    CPMD                 Density Functional Theory 

    Image Analysis, GIS and Visualization

    ESRI                 GIS Mapping
    ERDAS                Image Analysis


    GCC                  GNU GCC Compilers
    PGI                  Portland Group Compiler
    IBM XL Compilers     IBM XL Fortran and C++ for AIX Compilers
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