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    Rese​arch Computing Systems



    The SDSU Office of Information Technology (OIT) provides several servers for suppport of research computing on campus. These systems are managed by the OIT UNSS (University Networking Services and Systems) group, managed by Kevin Brandt. This document aims to provide some general information on these systems and their use. Not all systems or applications are covered here. For more information contact Brian.Moore@sds​tate.edu.


    Broadly speaking, the research systems fall into two categories, either single standalone servers (we will refer to these in this document as SMP [symmetric multiprocessing] systems) or clustered systems. 


    In general, virtually all of the research servers run some sort of UNIX, either Linux or IBM’s AIX. The most commonly provided interface is through command line shell, although for a few applications/systems, remote GUIs (graphical user interface) are available.






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