3. Master Level Certification


    Master Online Instructor Certification Status


    Faculty certified at the Master level: - email a project


    Certified Faculty Recertification Due
    Kelsey Raml March 2017 (Automatic; Recert. committee)
    Jessica Meendering August 2018
    Lori Hayungs December, 2017
    Mary Bowne August, 2018
    Lyle Olson May 2019, 
    Karla Hunter September 2018
    Melissa Wuellner August, 2018
    Nicole Graves October 2018
    Tami Dale October 2018 
    Lisa Madsen Auguset, 2018
    Ron Hirko November, 2017 (Medical delay)
    Lori Sohl

    December 2017

    Barbara Christensen September 2017, message sento ask for re-cert
    April Myrick October 2018
    Rocky Dailey August 2020
    Elijah Van Benschoten Aug, 2019
    Lynda Vanhuizen June 2017, may be a white paper
    Fathi Halaweish
    Auguest, 2017, workin on a project now
    Melissa Granum August 2018
    Rebecca Britt June 2018
    Alexander (Sandy) Smart Dec 2018
    George Tsakiridis March, 2019
    Elizabeth Droke March, 2019

    Cynthia Elverson                                   

    May 2019, Brown bag done in Sept. 
    Ruth Klawiter                              May 2019, Brown bag done in Sept. 
    Sue Brokmeier May 2019
    Sanjeev June 2019
    Erika Huber Nov. 2019
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