1. Basic Level Certification

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    Basic Online Instructor Certification Status



    Faculty once certified at the Basic level, but no attempt to advance. - email on moving to Adv conditions

    Larry Browning

    Madhav Nepal


    Faculty who have completed the Basic level course work, but have not taught online: - email for online teaching review status to move to Adv level.

    Virginia James (plan to teach online with Chris Kaberline in 2018FA)

    Chris Kaberline

    Gregory Michna (planning to teach first hybrid in 2018FA, took Advance course in Nov. 2016)

    Nacasius Ujah(is currently teaching a hybrid course Econ 610 2017FA)

    Paul Weist (will be teaching online MGMT-325-S04D in Spring 2018)

    Tracy Nelson (message sent to verify status 10/11/17, haven't taught online yet)

    Evert Van Der Sluis (plan to teach AGEC 489 in 2018su)

    Axton Betz-Hamilton( plan to teach CA375 onlin in 2018SU)

    Zheng Hao (will require a course to be designed)

    Iya Kazakevich (messasge sent to verify status 10/11/17)



    Currently Certified at the Basic Level (Added by Ju-yu 9/17/2018)

    Ryan McKnight

    Ekaterina Koromyslova

    William Alsaker

    Steph Jacobson

    Axton Betz-Hamilton

    Van der Sluis, Everhardus

    Heidi Mennenga

    Jamie O'Brien

    Jessica Ulrich-Schad

    Cristina Lammers

    Robin Brown        NURS 472 (hybrid)2018SU



    Will be certified

    Becky Diicher Math 93 S02D2018FA - will be certified by the end of the semester.

    Andrews, Jodilyn  Engl 379 S07D2018FA - will be certified by the end of the semester.

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